Common Core: BEWARE: The BLOB! Scream Now While You Can Still Breathe!


Henry Martin:  “Well then, young lady, do you mind telling me where you’ve been spending the evening?”
Jane Martin:  “Daddy, it’s all right.”
Henry Martin: [sarcastically] “Oh, yes, everything’s fine, I always stop by the police station in the middle of the night to pick up my daughter. Don’t you realize that by morning this will be all over town?”
Jane Martin:  “Well we were just trying to warn people.”
Henry Martin:   “After all, I am the principal at the high school.”

Common Core Curriculum is spreading like “The Blob”  across America’s public schools and is little more than another way for Bill Gates to control education, profit from it, and manage his ‘hidden agenda.

Should we have Common Core Standards at All?

“The question that first needs to be asked is whether we should have common core standards at all. The idea of standards seems to be innocent and common-sense, but the current movement, from the beginning, has been a means to establish national tests, which are unnecessary (we already have plenty of tests that do the job very well; in fact, we have far more than we need), and expensive (MUCH more expensive than we originally thought).

Susan Ohanian has made this analogy: ‘Proposing standards is like giving out menus to the starving. To extend the analogy, instead of providing food, we are debating what should be on the menu.’  ~ Stephen Krashen, Schools Matter

Is Common Core Curriculum taking hold of professional organizations, becoming a systemic infection?

As ‘online learning’ becomes more prevalent in Common Core teaching and testing, professionalism gets eaten alive by this systemic infection.

“In the curriculum race, the Gates Foundation has made the professional organizations irrelevant. NCTE and IRA should have done the right thing and opposed the Common Core Standards from the get-go. Instead, assuming a Johnny-come-lately role, NCTE now holds a virtual conference telling teachers how to get in line with the Common Core. You can sign right up and join the lemmings for just $175 for four interactive, 60-minute online sessions. ”

~ Susan Ohanian, Substance News

Where does Randi Weingarten, President of AFT stand on the  Common Core?

“When Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers, chose to make billionaire teacher basher and union buster Bill Gates a featured speaker during the national convention of the AFT in Seattle in July 2010, she not only insulted every unionist and the militant history of the union movement in the Pacific Northwest, but she signaled that she would continue to betray the nation’s public schools and her own members in the coming years, and as long as she holds office.”

~ Susan Ohanian, Substance News

If we allow Gates and Pearson’s laboratory of horrors to spread this infection, to monopolize all curricula across America, this MEGA-MONOPOLY BLOB will be “Indescribable, Indestructible, and Nothing will be able to STOP it!

As Stephen Krashen said 8-24-11 on blogradio with TFT “Common Core sounds good, like common sense, but it turns out it is the absolute wrong thing to do for several reasons!  What this version of Common Core really means is tests! Arne Duncan says the heavy lifting is going to come when we turn all this into tests…. We already have more than enough tests.  No unnecessary testing!  Keep and improve the NAEP.  When you go to the doctor, they don’t take all your blood.  They just take a little sample…  “

Bill Gates’ partnership with Pearson to create Common Core Curricula is leading us to additional standardized testing.

Is our government protecting us from “The Blob”? 

Diane Ravitch wrote recently in Bridging Differences, Education Week:

“The scariest thought is that the Obama administration welcomes the corporatization of public education. Not only welcomes the rise of educational entrepreneurialism, but encourages it. U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s chief of staff Joanne Weiss, who has experience as an education entrepreneur, wrote the following in a blog for the Harvard Business Review:

“The development of common standards and shared assessments radically alters the market for innovation in curriculum development, professional development, and formative assessments. Previously, these markets operated on a state-by-state basis, and often on a district-by-district basis. But the adoption of common standards and shared assessments means that education entrepreneurs will enjoy national markets where the best products can be taken to scale.” ~ Joanne Weiss

How will this systemic infection become indescribable, indestructible, and one that nothing can stop?

Just imagine the idea to create text books for EVERY child in America’s public schools by this partnership mega-monopoly!  This action will lead to its  ability to produce and sell a series of white-washed textbooks and standardized tests to go with them for every single public school for every single child.  There are 52 million school age children in America: imagine the profits of this mega-monopoly!

Launching an Invasion:  An Invasion of Privacy

Bill Gates has recently  partnered with News Corp  Rupert Murdoch.  Murdoch may still face charges in the US over  wire-tapping private citizens to publish and profit from information collected illegally. 

NYC recently dumped Murdoch due to his phone-tapping scandal.

“The controversy proved too much for the state to stomach…

In light of the significant ongoing investigations and continuing revelations with respect to News Corp., we are returning the contract with Wireless Generation unapproved,” DiNapoli’s office wrote to the Education Department.”

~ BY Kenneth Lovett

August 27th 2011, 11:19 AM

Bill Gates and Pearson will administer, score, and manage post-testing  results of all of our schools – of EVERY single public school child in America then subsequently RATING them in the largest study every done by private corporations!

In doing so, they will be gathering private data about every single public school age child in America. 

Do you want Bill Gates to have all of this data? 

How will he use this data in the future?

Already Bill Gates controls all NCLB and Race to the Top Earmark dollars through the Office of Innovation and Improvements Director James Shelton who worked for the Gates Foundation for 5 years prior to his position.

The adoption of Common Core Curricula and testing through this mega-monopoly will exponentially give Bill Gates and Pearson control over all public education!

Is Common Core a credible and research based curricula?

The CCSS represents a massive unevaluated experiment with our students for which they and their parents have been ill informed and have had no opportunity for input. The CCSS are untested and unevaluated in the classroom. The proposed CCSS should undergo rigorous testing in a limited number of districts before adoption and implementation statewide or nationwide.

Some Validation Committee members would not sign off on the CCSS. Don’t you wonder why, especially when these standards have been promoted as being so wonderful?”

~ The Underground Parent

Neither of these partners are education leaders.  Neither of these partners have the best interest of children in mind, nor do they KNOW what is best for ALL children.  Nor has this program that is all about TESTING be assessed, nor is it ‘research based’!

How else will Gates/Pearson Common Core

marginalize our students in public schools?


Learning needs to be relevant to our individual students.  Learning needs to be relevant to individual and group cultures!  Common Core removes ALL such relevancy to individual learners providing only a whitewashed narrowed perspective throwing all authentic learning out the window while giving these Philanthro-Pirates access to private information about every single child in America!   Think about it folks!

WARNING!!!  Scream NOW while you can still breathe! 

Do NOT give Bill Gates  and Pearson this much control

over our country,

our children,

and our personal data!

Why don’t we ALL dump Bill Gates and Pearson in the same way NY dumped Murdoch?


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5 responses to “Common Core: BEWARE: The BLOB! Scream Now While You Can Still Breathe!

  • Catherine Martinez

    While I am against obsessive testing, I see the need for common standards across the country. Isn’t “improving NAEP” as mentioned above the same thing? One of the defects of NCLB is that it is left to the states to determine proficiency as well as content. Studies have shown that there is a great disparity across the country. Different content is taught at different levels and states measure proficiency differently as well. Many states have high standards but set the passing bar low, while others have lower standards but set the bar high. A student labeled proficient in one state would be “needing help” in another. How can we fix these deficiencies in future legislation and what should be the alternative to the Common Core?

    • livingbehindthegates

      I understand your questions and concerns, Catherine.

      “Isn’t “improving NAEP” as mentioned above the same thing?”

      No, improving and using NAEP nationally is not the same thing. NAEP tests are administered with far less frequency and over smaller samples of students. Though standardized, students and teachers do not have to take/administer this test every year. The time spent ‘teaching to the test’ does not take up much of the instructional time. The test is NOT a ‘high-stakes” test, thus reducing the pressure to perform for students, teachers, and schools. The NAEP does not require 100% proficiency. Students, teachers, schools, and administrators are not labeled as ‘failures’ when they complete the test. Students who do not pass this test, but do well on other measurements such as classroom work, teacher created exams, etc. can still graduate from high school, unlike the current high-stakes testing procedures in many states. And schools are not closed if students do not pass the NAEP.

      “How can we fix these deficiencies in future legislation and what should be the alternative to the Common Core?”

      The response I can give you is to allow education leaders to create education policy rather than allowing SOLELY corporations to create them, as has been done TO educators in top-down control for most of the history of the public school system. Get corporations and government OUT of the creation of education policy! Why is that? Because as Bruce Levine writes in his recent book “Get Up, Stand Up – Uniting Populists, Energizing the Defeated, and Battling the Corporate Elite”, ,

      “Public Schools are the most oppressed institution in America.”

      Why is that? Because traditionally teachers are women teaching children, two of the most oppressed groups in America, still in many ways considered by law as ‘property’ to be controlled. Think about other professions. Policies for how to complete a surgery by Doctors are not created by our government. Diagnostic tests for patients are not created by our government. The frequency and duration of ‘standardized medical tests’ are not created by our government. Why? Because the profession of becoming a doctor was originally one of ONLY men and these CONTROLS were NEVER ‘instituted’ over this profession as a result.

      Education leaders like Dr. Diane Ravitch, Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond, Dr. Jonathan Kozol, Dr. Yong Zhao, Dr. Cornell West, Dr. Pedro Noguera, Dr. Nancy Carlsson-Paige, Dr. Deborah Meier, Dr. Steven Krashen, Dr. Angela Valenzuela, Dr. Patricia D. Lopez, Dr. Diane E. Levin, Dr. Sherick Hughes should be creating the policies, NOT Bill Gates, Pearson, Koch’s , Walton’s, Broad, A.L.E.C., Buffet, Murdoch, Friedman and Heritage Foundations, nor all the faux education ‘advocacy’ groups fronted by these corporations –but education leaders!

      Likely if you examine the policies created and implemented in Finland, you will find a plan that is effective and one that we could all use rather than to reinvent the wheel!

      I hope that helps answer your valid concerns.

  • Edward

    One easily achievable small step to counter this insanity is to have your PC dual-boot into Linux and proudly share the experience.

    • livingbehindthegates

      Hi Edward. Tell us more about how to ‘do this easily and why it would benefit’. Most of us are likely not aware of the steps it would take, nor the value of doing this. Please advise.

  • Yvonne Siu-Runyan

    I am for NAEP. NAEP samples. Then we can look at the overall trends.

    Teachers are the best ones to evaluate a student’s learning. Teachers have the “real time” information. Teachers have always assessed students, just not in the punitive, high-stakes testing ways.

    This endless repressive testing, testing, testing just makes the testing companies rich. They give money to the politicians and then the politicians do as they say. The testing industry has deep pockets to money to buy off politicians.

    And then when the politician leaves office they take all their campaign contributions with them.This is what Congress voted for themselves. Plus, they have the best retirement system and best health care for the rest of their lives. What a corrupt system

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