I am a public school teacher activist working to end poverty through education, writing,  wrap-around services, and democracy.

I believe non-violent resistance through poetry, art, music, protest, political activism, new social media,  and combinations of the above are the necessary to end the Corporate take-over of our nation.

Living Behind the Gates is a Blog designed to bring awareness to the REAL agendas behind the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Through awareness, interaction, and social media; I hope to incite action to end the Corporatocracy, to give America back to her people, and to future generations of children.


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  • JimCap

    “I believe non-violent resistance through poetry, art, music, protest, political activism, new social media, and combinations of the above are the necessary to end the Corporate take-over of our nation.”

    While I’m intrigued by your site, and I’d like to recommend it to other people, the paragraph above turned me off and immediately lessened your credibility. (An educator should know what is grammatically correct.)

    Please correct the above so that you’ll be taken more seriously when new people come to this site and you won’t have your image undercut by ad ad hominem attacks and/or technical errors.

    I look forward to returning here in the future once you’ve cleaned this up. Best to you.

    • livingbehindthegates

      Hi Jim ~ Thank you for the feedback. I had gone in to edit it previously, but the system did not save the edits for some reason. I’ve made another attempt. 🙂 I appreciate your support. Kind regards, Living Behind The Gates

  • jon osman

    Great blog. I like the Bill Gates section and admired the post on pastoral care in teaching. I am training to become a teacher myself and the idea of just testing and preparing them for exams seems mindless and pointless.I do however, believe we are in a process of world change, i don’t think people are prepared to put up with a right wing government when they themselves are centre left. It is a long term fight, but we see it all over. In England where i am the population is centre left, but our three political partys are right wing. This is the same all over, as governments support big business and the money that comes from lobbying rather than the will of the population. The internet brings populations together under a common bond of disagreement and disillusion, millennial’s are no longer xenophobic and subject to propaganda about the ‘other’. I know things look bleak, but i have hope for the future.

  • skrashen

    I did not write this – somebody else did: Dr. Stephen Krashen also writes recently in Schools Matter: Charles Murray, KIPP, and the Second Coming of Eugenics:

    ” Just over a hundred years ago the devout social Darwinist, Andrew Carnegie, exercised his philanthropic muscle to fund the creation of the eugenics research hothouse known as the Station for the Experimental Study of Evolution, in Cold Springs Harbor, New York. He got nothing for it except the satisfaction that his Spencerian values had been expressed in a way that would have lasting effect. In 2012, economic enablers like Bill Gates and Eli Broad can stand on a similar belief that cultural defectives can be eliminated without the costly acknowledgment of poverty, but this time around these modern day Carnegies can make sure that they are repaid in tax breaks for their classist and racist largesse.“

    (But the picture below it with all the muscles was obviously based on me.)

    • livingbehindthegates

      I will recheck and edit my citation. Thank you!

      • livingbehindthegates

        Dr. Krashen, I have corrected the citation and loved the picture of the muscle man of you! I couldn’t resist! I believe the correct author is in fact, Jim Horn. Thank you for pointing this out. I look forward to a future piece written by you on the topic of Modern Eugenics in the Department of Education.

  • skrashen

    I didn’t write this one either:

    There are few signs of hope in this battle, but one education leader, Stephen Krashen writes about a recent win in Denver Schools where a judge rules against the Voucher system with just cause here on his blog, “Schools Matter”:

    “A Denver judge blocked Colorado’s first school voucher program Friday, calling the program to give parents in the state’s wealthiest county checks for tuition at religious schools a “substantial disservice to the public interest….
    The voucher opponents argued the program violates the separation of church and state because it gives taxpayer money to parents for use at approved private schools, including some religious schools.

    The judge noted that some of the schools authorized for Douglas vouchers require students to attend religious services. Martinez said the voucher program “violates both financial and religious provisions set forth in the Colorado constitution.”

    • livingbehindthegates

      Dr. Krashen, I have updated this citation as well. I give you my humble apologies to yourself and to Jim Horn, the author. Thank you for pointing this out.

  • Michael Ehringhaus

    Thank you for this. Your voice needs to be heard . . .

  • Poor Richard

    Rockin info. This is why NGOs and non-profits should not rely on philanthropy. They are captive to the agenda of the rich. They should be self-fiunding –raise their own money through products and services both to their clients and to the public. Or help their clients market something (farmers market, craft shop, thrift store, etc.) and take a cut. Have an online store related to their area or interest and expertise. ETC. Philanthropy is poison unless you don’t need it. Only if you can say NO do you have any control. Otherwise you become a puppet.

    • livingbehindthegates

      I like that visual image – Bill Gates and Pearson’s tests sitting on a shelf in a thrift store. Good place for them!

  • Bruce Deitrick Price (@educatt)

    RE: “poetry, art, music, protest, political activism, new social media…”Just this note of caution. You can do all these things, over and over, year after year. And your students will still end up hopeless and helpless. Because they won’t know anything. While sounding all the politically correct mantras, don’t forget to make sure your students learn to read fluently, master basic arithmetic, and know all the foundational knowledge that everyone needs to function in our complex society. There are some very cynical, and I would say evil, people in the Education Establishment. They will pretend to agree with your idealistic urgings. But their eyes are on a different prize: dumbed-down children who can be moved in any direction. So-called progressive and experimental approaches to education are always problematic for me. Sometimes the proponents seem sincere. But even then I have to wonder, are they thinking at all where this goes?? (If you want more of this perspective, let me know.)
    Bruce Deitrick Price/Improve-Education.org

    • livingbehindthegates

      Hi Bruce ~ Your point is well worth considering. In order to have a strong democracy our children also need to learn how to negotiate with – even challenge authority, how to resist oppression, how to solve real world problems that apply to their own lives. They need to learn how to read, write, and calculate, but that is only part of what they need. I am happy to hear more of your ideas.

      Thank you for commenting!

      Living Behind the Gates

  • kuhiokane

    All this I’ve been immersed in recently got me thinking. Common Core? We, as educators, were doing this a long ago, sans all the testing and writhing going on today. Liberal Arts were as important as Math or Science. Kids did what they found most interesting to them and were encouraged. Sure, there were graduation requirements. Most met them. There was no AP. Didn’t need it Those who moved beyond what the school could provide were encouraged to enroll at the local community college or university while still in high school. The opportunity to go as far as one can academically and then hopefully apply what they have learned to better the world. The fraud perpetrated by insurance companies and lawyers have created barriers to higher education by ignoring, killing, opportunity by bankrupting our country through corporate sponsored bailouts.

    Most teachers know the score. That is, today’s takeover of public education through political, legislative moves influenced by wealthy elites who think they know something about learning— it’s all a part of private gain at public cost. It’s all about the bankrupting of America through corporate hegemony.

    And that’s it. Oh, except one thing. The most important thing. While the War on Poverty declared a small victory over poverty, it has paled. Population drives everything. Cities that have declared their smog levels have decreased are comparing their data to the data of old. When the population grows by five or ten times, the air quality remains the same as it was at its worst, or has become worse. Same with poverty.

    Let the teachers, admin, districts, community (someone told me such a plan was like leaving the insane patients in charge of the asylum, but I disagree) devise the “common core curriculum” as they have been doing for years. This idea that schools are falling behind, are failing our kids, etc. is a lie perpetrated by those who will profit the most by informing, forcing changes on our public schools—politicians, corporations, lobbyists, shills like MIchelle Rhee, etc.

    So, guess what? Like the smog, our attempt since post WWII to bring more people out of poverty has been run over by the tripling of our population. So, we now have even more people in poverty. And the answer to better schools isn’t screwing with education, teachers, staff, students. It’s eradicating poverty.

    I’m no rocket surgeon. I’m just your average, aging, Ph.D who has been in the education game a long time. I don’t get into all the professional lexicon most of the time anymore. But if the people don’t rise up and stop America’s addiction to war, then the social benefits will be hidden behind the gates. On the side where all public good is privatized. Where profits grow exponentially while an exponentially growing population enters into poverty.

    Teachers’ unions are falling apart as the elected leaders of those organizations promote the agenda of the privatization culture of vulture capitalism, the epitome of extractionism toward a new age of feudalism instead of a new age, a new rebirth of wonder in education.

    So, everyone, pick your side, make your choices while you can. The corruptive forces of the new eugenics is upon us. Paraphrasing a lyric from an old personal friend: You’re the one that’s going to die when it’s time for you to die, so let yourself live your life the way you want to.”

    Real scholarly, huh? Well, let the conversation continue. Erudition and all. All the rights and freedoms we fight for, educational equality, good and free public education for all, the fight for removing the inequities behind poverty, taking back America from oligarchy to a real democracy, this doesn’t happen until the force of numbers overtakes the force of a few who have taken possession of the common good.

    And should this possession GERMinate in its broadest sense, the battle, the war against oligarchy will be that much harder to win.

    Holy crap, 319 tweets have just gone by. Wow, I better chase them down. They are all saying the same thing. I don’t care about what’s happened already as much as I care about now. And now we need to be putting all the discourse into action.

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